Raza Rizvi

Aug 30, 2021

2 min read

1/6 Listing — Probit exchange | BTC, ETH, USDT pairings

Answerly X Probit: Liquidity Like Never Before

Hello Stellar Family,

It has been a pretty rewarding week for us, here at Answerly, and we can’t thank Stellar Family enough for making it a huge success. Thus, here we’d like to share with you all one of the biggest breakthrough for Answerly forthcoming- Probit Global

We know many of you had speculated our token to be listed on bigger exchanges; hence, we’re very much delighted to inform you all of this new beginning.

We’re coming on Probit on 6st September and now Answerly Tokens will be listed on your beloved exchange with a mighty daily volume of $200 Million USD.

High Volume, High Liquidity

This listing is the ultimate solution for all your liquidity problems, and will offer Answerly Family incredible flexibility with their tokens. Every crypto-enthusiast is undoubtedly well aware of Probit. But for those who aren’t aware let me tell you that from becoming a premier destination for DeFi tokens to offering minimalistic charges to traders, Probit is a leading player in Exchange World, which is exactly the reason for its high volume activity. With Answerly Tokens listed, we can now access better rates and greater diversity.


That not it. Answerly will be available in three pairings, particularly with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Literally, what else could one want? We truly believe that this listing is going to make it so easy for all of us, and make our Token reach greater heights.

Frankly speaking, we can’t wait anymore for 6th of September. This would offer liquidity to all of us like never before. And with all the love and support you guys are offering us, we just love working constantly to make Answerly Token reach above and beyond.

As mentioned earlier as well, we’ve also decided to conduct an AMA on Reddit on 5th September 2021. We’ll love to answer any queries that you may have in this regard or general.

Last but not the least

The best news? Probit is only the first one in the line! We’ve almost 5 listings forthcoming in the month of September only, and on platforms with even higher daily volumes! We’re sure you are going to love it, so stay tuned.

Happy listing!