New Updates: No more Bugs!

You said it, we heard it! Answerly has just introduced new updates to enrich its user experience. All the bugs previously identified were discovered and rectified. So what’s up with our new update?

Plagiarism Checker

Yes, Plagiarism sucks! And, we hate it too. That’s exactly why have introduced a built-in (default) plagiarism checker in our text box. Since, Answerly rewards most impressive answers in crypto, we ensure that no manipulation, dishonesty, or copying is involved in a user’s answers. Thus, the plagiarism checker safeguards that our platform doesn’t denigrate the hard work of others; and consequently advocate for equality and justice.

Un-splash Integration

Tired of looking for copyright- free picture? Well, Answerly’s latest update allows you to browse through, and use high resolution pictures to for your questions from a global repository of 1 Million+ picture from 230000+ contributors at Unsplash. We have fuelled Answerly with your favorite platform to provide a display rich experience, all while fuelling creativity of our writers!

Improved Text Box

We’ve also rolled out an update that focuses largely on text box improvements. With your favorite writing styles, flexibility in adding images, links and videos, and most significantly the ability to save your draft before posting, Answerly will now provide ultimate convenience to all the writers out there. Also, you can now post anonymously without compromising your privacy.

That’s all for today from the Answerly’s desk. We will be coming up with further exciting updates soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Answering :)